Engineering Center
Engineering consulting services and digital production project management using systems of the new technological order
Our history
For the last ten years TEKNER Engineering Center Team have worked on the implementation of engineering projects in seven countries around the globe and dozens of international machine-building enterprises.

Through this work we have conducted a detailed analysis of approaches and technologies ensuring a high degree of competitiveness at a modern international production enterprise.

The purpose of our company today is to accelerate the implementation of advanced management and production technologies at the enterprises of our country.

"The company's ability to be commercially viable and sustainable by designing and producing competitive products is directly related to its technological development and depends on the digital maturity of the company and the effectiveness of management systems, technological tools and the degree of digitalization of business processes."
Pavel Bilenko
Founder, CEO
"Manufacturing today is becoming digital, as the world becomes digital. Accordingly, the paradigm shifts completely: if earlier we focused on the equipment, logistics of material flows for the optimization of the enterprise, and thus the production efficiency was achieved, today it is important to understand that the management of the information flow becomes a priority"
Sergey Lysenko
Our results
We truly enjoy our work.
That is why we do it quickly and efficiently.

Project management
We manage projects of creation and development of digital production, conduct educational and developmental sessions to share relevant experience in managing complex production projects.
Engineering Consulting Services
We conduct diagnostics of digital maturity of manufacturing enterprises on the basis of the developed methodology. Nowadays, this is highly significant, because it is the key components of modern digital production that make a company competitive.

Designing and engineering analysis
Development of design documentation, creation of digital doubles of machines and equipment, modeling and product optimization are the foundation of our competences and new projects today.
Our partners

We highly appreciate the partnership and the development of constructive relations to achieve results in joint projects.
What problems do we solve?
Evaluate the degree of digital maturity of your company
Our team has many years of experience working with international manufacturing companies. On the basis of this experience, we have created a methodology for assessing the degree of digital maturity of a modern manufacturing company and now use it to set goals and objectives for development.
Make your company more competitive and efficient
Systems and technologies of the new technological order are becoming cheaper every day. This means that today your company can use them much more effectively than yesterday. We know well how to make this happen.
Create new products and develop a production program
Our engineer-designers, production engineers and specialists in the analysis and optimization of parts, machines and equipment create intellectual capital and accompany the production of new products.
Always ready for new projects
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